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Todd Zolecki on the 97.3 ESPN FM in South Jersey

Todd Zolecki was a guest of the Sports Bash with Mike Gill earlier today and they talked about a wide assortment of topics.  But one that stood out was, of course, the Jayson Werth scenario.  Zo says that it could go up to the $100 million range. Obviously, it’s too early to tell exactly what he’s worth, but this going to be a storyline for the rest of the year, like it or not.

Todd Zolecki on 97.3 ESPN FM in South Jersey



  1. Manny

    May 13, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    That’s how you make news these days anyway… say something crazy like $100 million and boom, you got people listening.

  2. Manny

    May 13, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    (I’m referring to the Zolecki link, not the PN post itself)

  3. Phan in the outfield

    May 13, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Exactly Manny. I mean what is that number based on, being as Werth himself said he shouldn’t be compared to Bay or Holliday. This is “sports journalists” creating work for themselves by generating a story. I’m not saying to disrespect the guy when they make their offer, but come on.

  4. Adam

    May 13, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    So I have been thinking about this Werth situation and if (and I am still hopeful that they will re-sign him knowing that it will likely “hurt” financially for one year assuming they don’t resign Rollins) who do they replace him with? It seems the Phillies are stuck with Ibanez (I don’t even think a GM like say Ed Wade would be dumb enough to take on a .250 hitter making 11 million) and would we then replace Werth with either Brown or someone from the open market?

    The issue is this, if they go after someone outside the Phillies organization who could it be? Crawford is a free agent but if they can’t “afford” (I put that in quotation because any team that is selling out every game can afford anyone they want and I am tired of hearing about the 140 million breaking point) Werth they likely will not sign Crawford. Who else is out there? Is Ben Fransisco an option for an in-house solution?

    Regardless I don’t see this Werth situation ending well. The Phillies management is likely going to claim they have a “budget” and replace Werth something that is 40 cents on the dollar.

    I am basically just tired of the Phillies trying to claim they have a budget when 45k roll through the gates every night spending probably on average 50 bucks (food, merchandise, tix, parking–and I think 50 dollars may be low-balling it) equalling over 182 million dollars and we are not yet talking about licensing, TV deal, radio deal, etc. If this team does not re-sign Werth or replace him with an comparable player at RF or else where, it will be a travesty.

    This management is printing money….time poney up!!!

  5. Brooks

    May 13, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    This is really proving to be quite interesting. Is Werth actually carrying an MVP quality season this year? Or will he mellow back to his .260-.280 range and hit 30 some hrs. We really don’t know. I mean, he is on a pace for a ton of doubles, runs batted in and a great average but its early yet.
    The question is, if he finishes in the top 3 of the NL MVP voting this year, will he demand more money than even we think he should get (17 to 20 mil per year)? Or will he ‘settle’ for the 13 to 15 mil as most of us believe he will fall into that area nicely.
    We currently have 2 former MVP players and a former CY award winner and how many all stars? (and perhaps another one brewing in Chooch this year)
    Undoubtedly one of the greatest teams in a long time. We need RJA to keep them together.

  6. Heather

    May 14, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    If Werth continues his terrific season, he will justly claim a MONSTER contract on the open market. At that point, though, I would not want the Phillies to go after him, because I truly believe that would be a “buy high” contract.

    If Werth’s numbers settle down a bit, I would like to see the Phillies pursue him and sign him to a reasonable contract in the 4/$48 to 4/$60 range. Anything more I honestly don’t think he’s worth for the duration of his contract, much as I like Jayson Werth.

    That being said, I think Howard’s contract is entirely too generous as well so I’m not thinking the Phillies are going about their signing contracts entirely based on player performance and buy low/sell high concepts.

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