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Phillies Reportedly Sign Former Tigers RP Bonine

According to and a tweet from Jon Paul Morosi, the Phillies have signed former Detroit Tigers reliever Eddie Bonine. Not many details are available at this time, but when more becomes available we’ll bring it to you.

Bonine is a 29-year old that had a fairly down year with the Tigers last season, sporting an ERA in the mid-four’s and a WHIP of 1.56. He did so in 47 appearances. According to, they see him as a possible starter to join the fight for the fifth spot in Spring Training with Kyle Kendrick and Vance Worley.

Bonine has been known to incorporate a knuckleball into his repertoire.

UPDATE: 4:40 pm: Fox Sports is also announcing the Phillies have signed catcher Erik Kratz to a minor-league contract. He spend last season with the Pirates playing in nine games and hitting .118 in the bigs.

Also, Bonine’s contract is in fact a minor-league deal.



  1. Greg

    November 12, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    A Knuckleball/Knuckle Curve pitcher is exactly what I’ve wanted, a la R.A. Dickey. Granted, Bonine’s isn’t exactly as perfected as Dickey’s, but he also throws a low 90’s FB and an 80’s change, so I’m sure he’ll put up competition for the fifth spot.

  2. Keegan

    November 12, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    How is Kyle Kendrick still in contention for that fifth spot? How many times can we give him that chance, only to be completely underwhelmed and/or disappointed?

  3. Bart Shart

    November 12, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Bonine is no star, but he does have a knuckleball. ANd he is pretty young for a knuckleballer. Who knows, he might turn into a Phil Niekro or a Hoyt Wilhelm. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  4. psujoe

    November 12, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    He gets hit and hit hard. Minor league deal?

  5. The Dipsy

    November 12, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    WTF? Nice signing.

    The Dipsy

  6. psujoe

    November 12, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    It was a minor league deal. they also signed EriK Kratz a 9 year minor league catcher.

  7. Paul Boye

    November 12, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Yes Joe. Minor league deal with a spring training invite.

  8. Geoff

    November 12, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Aside from trades, no really major moves happen before arbitration is offered or not offered to players – which is the 15th. The Phillies will offer arbitration to Werth and he will decline, so we WILL get the picks from him.

    Also, look for bigger Free Agents on teams who cannot afford arbitration to be snapped up when they do not offer arbitration.

    Remember POlanco was a Type A who was not offered arbitration and Ruben snapped him up very quickly thereafter.

  9. Geoff

    November 12, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    thats fine. the Phillies also signed a AAA type catcher from the Pirates organization today too. these are necessary organizational depth moves. so far Bonine is the only one signed who has a chance of making the team.

    So, competition for 5th starter/longman in the pen – Bonine, Kendrick, Worley so far….

  10. The Original Chuck P

    November 12, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Have followed Erik Kratz for years… I work with his grandfather and know many of his friends/family members. He’s from my area (Souderton, hometown of Jamie Moyer); got the call up to the big leagues this year at the MiLB all star game after many years in the minors. Kid has Chris Coste in him… not nearly as good with the bat but he has the drive/passion. He is definitely an above average defensive catcher (handles a staff, strong arm, blocks the ball well). There’s a video out there where Kratz stood up to Prince Fielder on a ball thrown to home plate… Prince came in high and Kratz stood right in there.

    Not sure about this Bonine guy… love me some knuckleballs though. The more knucklers on our team, the less knucklers on everyone else’s team… can’t beat em, sign em.

  11. psujoe

    November 12, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Somebody mentioned the idea of Utley moving to OF to lengthen his career and take some pressure of his body. Would the team with Utley at second Ibanez, Vic and Werth be better than Beltre at 3rd, Polanco at second Utley, Vic, Brown?

    Beltre has some nice numbers against lefties and more power against lefties than Werth. What would Beltre cost in years and money relative to Werth?

  12. Greg

    November 12, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    Utley struggled at third base because of his throwing arm strength. I’d imagine the outfield would be tougher.

  13. Chuck

    November 12, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    What did Beltre turn down last year…to take a one year deal with the Red Sox??

    He would be cheaper than Werth and could probably be had for less years. Four maybe??

    Some on this blog are totally against Utley in the OF…but I can see some validity to that argument. Maybe his arm is an issue, but I would imagine he could learn to play left better than Burrell or Ibanez. The point is that his offense would likely benefit and his career would be extended.

  14. psujoe

    November 12, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    I think Beltre wanted a 4 year deal last year. Not sure on the amount. He only got $10 million for one year so maybe 3/36 with an option? The thing is I don’t see the Red Sox signing both Werth and Beltre to long contracts. It’s not their MO. Of course Boras is the agent for Both. If the Sox get too wild with Beltre or Werth they won’t pay for the other.


    November 12, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THIS TWEET FROM COREYSEIDMAN-CoreySeidman Just saw a few colleagues talking about dream scenario of Dom Brown Cosart, player 3 for Ryan Braun. My favorite proposal in years!

  16. psujoe

    November 12, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Can player 3 be Ibanez, LOL.

    Phillies Want Quick Answer From Werth
    By Mark Polishuk [November 12 at 7:13pm CST]
    Ruben Amaro is hoping to know soon if Jayson Werth is willing to return to the Phillies, reports Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I don’t think it’s something we’re going to let go on for a while,” Amaro said. “Hopefully we’ll find out if he’s a viable option to bring back in a short period of time. Regardless of what happens with Jayson, there are things we need to do.”

    ESPN’s Jayson Stark heard from an unnamed Phillies source that there was “no chance” of Werth remaining a Phillie in 2011. Amaro denied being the source himself and said that the statement wasn’t true, though he didn’t confirm or deny if the club had already made Werth an offer. An early offer probably wouldn’t make much difference since any high-profile Scott Boras client will thoroughly test the market before considering re-signing with his previous club.

    The general consensus is that Werth will be playing elsewhere next season. To wit, in MLBTR’s own free agency predictions list, none of our five writers believe Werth will re-sign with Philadelphia.

  17. psujoe

    November 12, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    I should have put a disclaimer that the content I posted was from mlbtraderumors via Mike Polishuk.

  18. Psujoe

    November 12, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Please fix the site so I can read comments from my iPhone like before the server improvements. It kills me when I go to my man cave at night.

  19. Ted Bell

    November 12, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    The Brewers have Braun locked up very affordably through 2015. There’s absolutely no way they’ll be looking to move him.

    I’m Ted Bell.

  20. Bart Shart

    November 12, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Nice to hear that Amaro is keeping his pen in the ink well by signing some minor league talent. Many discussions are happening and possibilites being discussed. Positive activity. Exciting off-season, some interesting new Phils on the horizon.

  21. Bart Shart

    November 12, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    MLB Rumors said that the Phils want a quick answer from Werth. And why not? Maybe we have something big brewing that is contingent on Werth’s plans. Just hoping and getting very curious……

  22. brooks

    November 12, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    I like the signing of Bonine – just keep them coming, roll them all in something ought to fit. My uncle used to say throw enough &@^# against the wall and something is bound to stick.

  23. Sam

    November 13, 2010 at 12:09 am

    Looking for a 5th starter? I guess that means Cheeseburger Joe gets another year to pitch. I just think he gives up too many runs within 4-5 innings and the Phillies have to play catch up when he’s on the mound. It would be nice to have Bonnie (a knuckle ball pitcher) if he has control.

  24. George

    November 13, 2010 at 6:25 am

    The Bonine signing is a typical depth move. He may or may not make the ML team, but will create more competition for the 5th starter spot.

    I’m not sure why everyone is so down on Kendrick and Blanton. Blanton had a down year due to an early injury, but put up decent stats in the latter part of 2010. He’ll never be an ace, but he’d probably be a number 3 on a lot of teams. Kendrick has his bad games, but he has won in double figures in all of his complete ML seasons. He’s fine at number 5 because he also pitches some good games and a number of games where he keeps the score close until the Phils start to hit. He also doesn’t seem injury prone. It would be nice to have five aces, but that’s just not going to happen. Blanton and Kendrick certainly aren’t anywhere close to the worst options for numbers 4 and 5.

  25. Chuck

    November 13, 2010 at 8:02 am

    A few thoughts to add to the Sat morning discussion…basically MY lousy 2 cents…

    1) Bonine: So what? Like George already said he was signed to add depth and competition. How can it be bad in any way?

    2) Werth: I don’t think RAJ has anything “big brewing”. It’s just that he wants an answer…and rightfully so…so he can then proceed.

    3) Blanton, in my opinion, will bounce back (really he already has as his last 2 months suggest) and is fine as a 4th starter. Now if he can be used in a trade I would have no problem with that if it betters the team. Kendrick is a 5th starter. His numbers are that of a 5th starter on a first place team. He’s fine and if Worley can give him a run for the spot in ST, then that’s great too.

    4) Ryan Braun: I can’t imagine him going anywhere. Just like McCutcheon in Pittsburgh. It’s fun to speculate…but at the end of the day fairly unlikely.


    November 13, 2010 at 11:24 am

    Phillies’ push to sign Werth is to provide PR cover. They can say they tried, made him big offer. No way Boras signs Werth this early.

  27. Bart Shart

    November 13, 2010 at 11:44 am

    QUESTION: If the Phils are comfortable raising 2011 ticket prices between $2 and $5 per ticket, then why should we buy their story about salary control being sooooo important. That is a hefty price increase and they should know that if they do not put a good product on the field, then they may face financial difficulties. TRANSLATION: Spend some money to get good players !!!!

  28. betasigmashag

    November 13, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    If you read between the lines of what RAJ has been saying, signing Wreth is not going to come down per year salary, but the years he wants to sign for. No way you sign a guy like jayson for more than 3-4 years. I know most of you do not believe it but through some reliable places and people I know Wreth was offered 3years with a team option for a fourth total 4 years 66 million. If they made it 75 million he would still not take that deal because it is not long enough(plus he is not worth 75 million for 4 years anyway. So it is not about spending money it is about smart managment of the money. And like I stated before the price increase were on the higher priced tickets and they are still less then most places around the country. The Cheap seats like the section I am in 417 did not go up in price. example the seats that were $45 at the bank were $56 in San Fran last year, and $40 in Arizona, and over $100 in both Yankee Stadium and Fenway. In Washington they were $32. So even if you pay $50 this year and none of the others go up it is still on the cheaper side. And the cheaper seats were less then similar seats in San Fran and Arizona. So quit your complaining about the amount of your tickets

  29. George

    November 13, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Hey, salary control IS important. The team budget for payroll will need to be higher than last year just to pay the pretty much the same players, with or without Werth, because of pay increases built into existing contracts. That money has to come from somewhere; hence higher ticket prices. Here’s an analogy: if you buy a new Ferrari, a 20 bedroom mansion, and a Lear jet and try to pay the bills with what you make at most ordinary jobs, you’ll soon be bankrupt or bank robbing.

  30. Ted Bell

    November 13, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    Boras won’t let any of his big clients sign this early…we’re just watching all the posturing being played out in real time (especially all the writers on Twitter now). Remember, that Boras took Matt Holliday all the way to January to sign with the Cardinals (even though there really wasn’t any other team bidding). The only chance I see for the Phillies is if the Red Sox can resign BOTH Victor Martinez & Beltre. If that happens, it’s hard to believe they’d still pursue Werth, and the dominoes should begin to fall. RAJ may actually be able to get Werth with three years and an option at that point.

    Early December should be fun – keep your eye out for the Boras announcement that a “mystery team” has entered the Jayson Werth Sweepstakes. He usually floats those rumors at the MLB winter meeting…

    I’m Ted Bell.

  31. betasigmashag

    November 13, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    for Boras that has back fired in the past, Ted, say your red sox seniario happens wouldn’t the phillies come back with 3 years with an option for 62 million. But I really think some AL Team will be able to go longer just because he can DH until he is 40

  32. Chuck

    November 13, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    I do think though that it can’t be just ANY AL team. Jayson wants to go to a winner. That limits the number of teams. Boston, LA Angels, maybe Toronto (I guess you could say they’re about to blossom), Yankees probably won’t bid.

    Somehow, I see either the Red Sox or Angels as the best suitors…and if Boston has too much tied up in Beltre and V Martinez…then he probably ends up in Anaheim.


    November 13, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    He will stay a phillie or be a redsox,i see no other teams getting him!

  34. psujoe

    November 13, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    On the money side Phils are at +2.0 million from last years payroll with the following holes to fill. Most of the increase comes on Halladay’s salary which last year was a net 9.75 compared to his $20 in 2011 as well as Oswalts salary for a full year(if $5.5 million is applied equally to 2010 and 2011.


  35. psujoe

    November 13, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    Werth’s fortune is contingent on Boston with Beltre and the Angels with Crawford. If either of those two over price themselves Werth could slip in. I believe they are all Boras clients?

    Yankees and Rangers are all about Lee and Pitching. If the new Mets GM is worth his salt he should realize they aren’t close so spending on Big FAs would be pointless. I just don’t see all 3 of Werth, Beltre and Crawford breaking the bank in money and years. One will be left out and then Rube can swoop in and gobble them up.

  36. jeff

    November 13, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Odds & Ends: Farrell, Cubs, Cousins, Kratz, Wood
    By Mike Axisa [November 13 at 6:28pm CST]
    Links for Saturday…

    •Richard Griffin of The Star has a one-on-one interview with new Blue Jays manager John Farrell.
    •Cubs GM John Hendry told Gordon Wittenmyer of The Chicago Sun Times that he’s not worried about making a splash this offseason, but that it’s “really imperative that we have two or three really good moves.”
    •’s Joe Frisaro says that in the wake of the Cameron Maybin trade, the Marlins will give Scott Cousins a long look in center field next year (Twitter link).
    •Meanwhile, Padres GM Jed Hoyer told Dan Hayes of The North County Times that Maybin is “exactly the type of player we hoped to acquire for Petco Park.” (Twitter link)
    •’s Jason Beck states the obvious, saying that the Marlins probably would have been better off keeping Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis and then taking the draft picks when they left as free agents. I’m not sure that keeping those two would have been financially possible, though.
    •Jenifer Langosch of writes that after catcher Erik Kratz signed with the Phillies, the Pirates will now have to bring in a catcher or two to provide depth at the Triple-A level.
    •The Nationals have signed righty reliever Tim Wood to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training, tweets Jon Paul Morosi of Wood, who turns 28 on Tuesday, appeared in 44 games with the Marlins over the last two seasons, pitching to a 4.32 ERA with nearly as many walks (25) as strikeouts (26) in 50 innings.
    •ESPN’s Buster Olney expects the Cardinals to aggressively pursue Juan Uribe since they could use him at pretty much any of their non-first base infield positions (Twitter link).
    •Michael Silverman of The Boston Herald reports that GM Theo Epstein said the team has talked to Kevin Youkilis about moving to third base in the event that they are unable to re-sign Adrian Beltre, who we learned is one of their priorities.
    •Meanwhile, Alex Speier of separates fact from fiction with regards to Scott Boras’ claims about Beltre.
    •’s Melissa Segura tweets that a new league launched in the Dominican Republic yesterday, and it features the top young free agent players the country has to offer.


    Full Story | 28 Comments | Categories: Adrian Beltre | Boston Red Sox | Chicago Cubs | Florida Marlins | Juan Uribe | Kevin Youkilis | Pittsburgh Pirates | San Diego Padres | Scott Boras | St. Louis Cardinals | Toronto Blue Jays | Transactions | Washington Nationals

    Akinori Iwamura Has Agreement With Rakuten
    By Mike Axisa [November 13 at 5:32pm CST]
    NPB Tracker’s Patrick Newman passes along a report indicating that infielder Akinori Iwamura has a basic agreement in place with the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

    Iwamura, 32 in February, hit just .173/.285/.250 in 229 plate appearances split between the Pirates and Athletics this season. In three seasons with Tampa Bay, he hit a far more respectable .281/.354/.393 while moving from third to second base. Iwamura played eight years with Tokyo Yakult Swallows before joining the then-Devil Rays, who won his rights with a $4.5MM bid.

    Iwamura indicated a desire to remain in North America just last month, but perhaps the offer from Rakuten was just too good to pass up.


    Full Story | 5 Comments | Categories: Akinori Iwamura

    Poll: Are The Phillies Really Intent On Re-Signing Werth?
    By Zach Links [November 13 at 4:58pm CST]
    For some time now, the general consensus has been that Jayson Werth would be moving on in 2011 as the Phillies are not willing to dole out the money and years necessary to retain him. On Wednesday, a Phillies source told ESPN’s Jayson Stark that there was “no chance” of the right fielder remaining in Philadelphia.

    GM Ruben Amaro now says that he needs an answer from the 31-year-old quickly, a request that seems unlikely to be fulfilled by a Scott Boras client. Amaro wouldn’t confirm or deny that the club has made Werth an offer but SI’s Jon Heyman (via Twitter) hears that they are making a big push to keep him aboard.

    Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets that the Phillies’ push to re-sign Werth is nothing more than a public relations move. The club, he says, wants to be able to say that they made the slugger a big offer and tried their best to hang on to him. Is the “big push” to keep the right-handed bopper nothing more than a PR ploy? We want to know your take on the situation.

    Are the Phillies really intent on keeping Werth?

    Click here to take the poll, and here to view the results.


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    Padres Acquire Cameron Maybin From Marlins
    By Zach Links [November 13 at 3:09pm CST]
    The Padres have acquired Cameron Maybin from the Marlins, according to Tom Krasovic of Fanhouse (via Twitter). Florida will receive relievers Ryan Webb and Edward Mujica in exchange for the center fielder, Krasovic tweets. The Marlins have announced that the deal is now official.

    The deal will provide Maybin with a much needed change of scenery, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports writes (via Twitter). The 23-year-old has yet to realize his potential after coming over to the Marlins in the 2007 Miguel Cabrera-Dontrelle Willis trade. Maybin’s performance at the plate was particularly disappointing this season as he hit .234/.302/.361 with eight homers in 322 plate appearances. His arrival presumably bumps Tony Gwynn from the Padres’ starting lineup and makes him an even more likely non-tender candidate.

    The 6’6″ Webb appears to be the key to the trade, Krasovic tweets. The right-hander could be a set-up man for the Fish and is not yet arbitration-eligible. Heading into the 2010 season, Baseball America rated Webb as the 24th best prospect in San Diego’s system. The 24-year-old has a 94-96 mph fastball with a strong mid-80s curveball, according to the publication. In 54 big league games this year, Webb registered a 2.90 ERA with 6.7 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9.

    Meanwhile, Mujica is arbitration eligible for the first time this winter. The 26-year-old hurler turned in a 3.62 ERA with 9.3 K/9 and 0.8 BB/9 across 59 games this year.


    Full Story | 194 Comments | Categories: Florida Marlins | San Diego Padres | Transactions

    Manager Rumors: Mets, Pirates
    By Zach Links [November 13 at 2:32pm CST]
    Here’s the latest on the managerial searches in New York and Pittsburgh..


    Jose Oquendo will be the last of the first round interviews when he meets with the Mets on Monday, tweets Jon Heyman of SI. The second round of interviews, he says, could begin this week in Orlando.

    Meanwhile, Adam Rubin of (via Twitter) keeps hearing that Terry Collins is the most likely to land the job. We learned yesterday that Collins, Clint Hurdle, and Bob Melvin are all expected to receive second interviews.


    Speaking of Hurdle, the Pirates have ramped up their efforts to land him, writes Ken Rosenthal of Along with in-house candidate Jeff Banister, Hurdle is believed to be one of the finalists for the job.


    Full Story | 12 Comments | Categories: New York Mets | Pittsburgh Pirates

    Kuroda Close To Deal With Dodgers
    By Mark Polishuk [November 13 at 12:11pm CST]
    12:12pm: ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the two sides are close to finalizing that one-year, $12MM contract.

    SATURDAY, 7:52am: In a pair of tweets, Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker corrects an exchange rate miscalculation and says the deal is for one year and $12MM, not $8MM. He adds that the report is all over the Japanese media.

    FRIDAY, 8:01pm: Ken Rosenthal of hears from a Dodgers source that Sanspo’s report is “inaccurate” and it’s “hard to tell” if the team and pitcher are close to an agreement. (Twitter link)

    7:47pm: Free agent right-hander Hiroki Kuroda is on the verge of an agreement with the Dodgers, reports Japanese site (as translated in this tweet from NPBTracker). The contract would be a one-year deal worth approximately $8MM. Though Kuroda will turn 36 in February, $8MM would be a nice bargain for the Dodgers given Kuroda’s very solid numbers (3.60 ERA, 3.18 K/BB ratio) over his three seasons in the majors.

    This is the second L.A. free agent pitcher that the club has moved quickly to re-sign this offseason, after Ted Lilly was inked to a $33MM contract in October. As Sanspo’s story indicated, Japanese clubs Hiroshima and Yomiuri were interested if Kuroda decided to return to his home country, plus we knew that the Rockies had Kuroda on their list of pitching targets.


    Full Story | 58 Comments | Categories: Hiroki Kuroda | Los Angeles Dodgers

    Amateur Signing Bonuses: Rays
    By Mike Axisa [November 13 at 11:31am CST]
    Next up in our amateur signing bonus series, the Rays…

    1.Matt White, $10.2MM (1996)
    2.Tim Beckham, $6.15MM (2008)
    3.David Price, $5.6MM (2007)
    4.B.J. Upton, $4.6MM (2002)
    5.Dewon Brazelton, $4.2MM (2001)
    The then-Devil Rays spent years in the AL East cellar, and the result was a lot of high draft picks and huge signing bonuses. White signed two years before the team even started playing, though he was originally selected seventh overall in the ’96 draft by the Giants. Instead of signing with San Francisco, he was granted free agency when the team failed to tender him a contract within 15 days of the draft as per league rules. Travis Lee and John Patterson went through the same thing. Tampa pounced shortly thereafter, though White never reached the big leagues. He pitched to a 4.64 ERA with 6.9 K/9 and 3.7 BB/9 in 672.2 minor league innings and was out of baseball by 2004.

    Beckham was the first overall pick in the 2008, signing for what was then the largest bonus ever given to a player as part of a minor league contract in draft history, at least until Buster Posey broke it a few weeks later. Still just 20 years old, Beckham is a .263/.332/.371 hitter in his two-plus year old minor league career.

    A year before they took Beckham, the Rays selected Price first overall, making them the first team in history to have the first pick in back-to-back drafts. His bonus was part of a six-year, $8.5MM major league contract, the fourth richest deal in draft history. Price helped the team to their first ever World Series berth just a year later, and he just wrapped up his first full season as a big league starter by posting a 2.72 ERA with 8.1 K/9 and 3.4 BB/9 in 208.2 innings.

    The elder Upton brother was the second overall selection in the 2002 draft, and the team rushed him up to the big leagues just two years later. At 19 years old, he was the youngest player in franchise history. After a 45 game cameo that season (.258/.324/.409), Upton returned to the minors and didn’t get back to the majors for good until 2006. He eventually moved out of the infield and became of the game’s best defensive center fielders, and is a career .260/.345/.413 career hitter with 165 steals.

    Brazelton was the third overall pick in 2001, right behind Joe Mauer and Mark Prior and right before Gavin Floyd and Mark Teixeira. He reached the big leagues the very next season and made a total of 41 starts (and 13 relief appearances) for a franchise from 2002-2005, posting a 5.98 ERA with more walks (142) than strikeouts (136) in 253 innings. He was traded to the Padres for Sean Burroughs after the 2005 season in a deal that gave each former top prospect a much needed change of scenery.

    It’s worth noting that the Devil Rays signed Rolando Arrojo to a deal that included a $7MM bonus in 1997 after he defected from Cuba. That was a year before the team started play, but Arrojo was already 29 years old and had been the long-time ace of the Cuban National Team. Hard to consider him an amateur in terms of experience. Evan Longoria, Tampa’s franchise player, signed for a $3MM bonus as the third overall pick in the 2006 draft.


    Full Story | 5 Comments | Categories: Amateur Signing Bonuses | Tampa Bay Rays

    Braves Outright Kenshin Kawakami To Double-A
    By Mike Axisa [November 13 at 10:38am CST]
    10:38am: According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Dave O’Brien (Twitter link), Wren responded “We’ve had a number of discussions over the last couple of weeks. I’ll leave it at that,” when asked about potentially trading Kawakami or selling him to a Japanese club.

    9:01am: The Braves have outrighted Kenshin Kawakami to Double-A Mississippi, reports’s Mark Bowman. The move gets Kawakami off the team’s 40-man roster, though they are still on the hook for his $6.67MM salary for 2011.

    The 35-year-old right-hander was solid during his first year with Atlanta, posting a 3.86 ERA with 6.0 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, 0.9 HR/9 in 156.1 innings in 2009. Things fell apart last season despite similar peripheral stats (6.1 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, 1.0 HR/9), as he put up a 5.15 ERA in 87.1 innings and was at one point sent to the minors. Kawakami signed a three-year deal worth $23MM in January 2009 after spending more than a decade with the Chunichi Dragons.

    Last month we heard that several Japanese teams were not only interested in acquiring Kawakami, they were also willing to take on some of his salary. So far GM Frank Wren’s attempts to move him have proven unsuccessful.


    Full Story | 88 Comments | Categories: Atlanta Braves | Kenshin Kawakami | Transactions

    Marlins Measuring Trade Interest In Dan Uggla
    By Mike Axisa [November 13 at 10:19am CST]
    The Marlins broke off contract talks with Dan Uggla and are now gauging potential trade interest in their second baseman according to’s Joe Frisaro. A source says the team is not confident they can sign Uggla long-term after he rejected a four-year contract that would have paid him $48MM.

    Frisaro says the team has been “initiating and field calls” about the 30-year-old Uggla, and two unidentified National League clubs have expressed interest in addition to the Tigers. He adds that the Marlins have been asking for relief pitching return, and they’re expected to have more discussions about Uggla at next week’s General Manager Meetings. In his middle infielder buyer’s guide at ESPN (Insider req’d), Keith Law said he’d “love to trade for one year of Uggla, especially a walk year, but I don’t want to be on the hook for his age 34 or 35 seasons, by which point his defense will probably have moved him off second base.”

    Uggla is arbitration eligible for the final time this offseason, and will become a free agent after the 2011 season. He is likely to see his salary climb past $10MM after earning $7.8MM this year. Uggla is a .263/.349/.488 career hitter, clubbing no fewer than 27 homers in each of his five seasons as a big leaguer. He is one of just nine players to eclipse the 30-homer plateau in each of the last four years.


    Full Story | 74 Comments | Categories: Dan Uggla | Florida Marlins

    Odds & Ends: Royals, Pena, Alderson, De La Rosa
    By Mark Polishuk [November 12 at 9:55pm CST]
    Happy 133rd birthday to Archie “Moonlight” Graham. Arguably baseball’s most famous one-game player (Eddie Gaedel also has a great case for this distinction), Moonlight Graham’s only taste of the majors was one half-inning as a defensive replacement for the 1905 New York Giants. That half-inning grew into immortality thanks to his characterization in W.P. Kinsella’s novel Shoeless Joe and its film adaptation Field Of Dreams. Graham, who passed away in 1965, went on to become a doctor in Chisholm, Minnesota following his brief playing career.

    Onto some news items…

    •Dayton Moore tells Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star that the David DeJesus trade won’t deepen the Royals’ interest in the free agent market. “It’s not cost effective at this time for us to be real aggressive with major-league free agents,” Moore said.
    •Even if Aubrey Huff re-signs with the Giants,’s Mychael Urban thinks the team should look into signing Carlos Pena.
    •Fanhouse’s Tom Krasovic looks at the pros and cons of Sandy Alderson’s tenure as CEO of the Padres and what Mets fans might expect from their new general manager.
    •Add the Brewers, Pirates and Rangers to the list of teams believed to be interested in Jorge de la Rosa, tweets Troy Renck of the Denver Post. We know that list already includes the Nationals, Rockies and Yankees.
    •If San Francisco really has soured on Pablo Sandoval due to the Panda’s conditioning issues, Fangraphs’ Matt Klassen thinks other teams should be contacting the Giants about a buy-low trade.
    •During the season, an American League executive told Danny Knobler of that Adam Dunn will stay in the NL since he genuinely wants to keep playing in the field. However, this executive predicted “Dunn will consider AL teams at least long enough to try to use them as leverage.”
    •The Mets will interview Jose Oquendo about the manager’s job on Monday, tweets’s Adam Rubin.
    •Chad Durbin is receiving interest from teams as both a bullpen and rotation option, tweets’s Jerry Crasnick. Durbin has made 75 starts in his career, but none since 2007.
    •Most of the free agent catching crop will wait until “the lead domino” (Victor Martinez) signs before they look at joining new teams, says Newsday’s Ken Davidoff. (Twitter link)
    •Chris Coghlan will move to third base next year, reports’s Joe Frisaro. You can tentatively cross the Marlins off the list of teams exploring the free agent market for help at the hot corner, though it’s possible Coghlan could be needed to play second if Florida trades Dan Uggla.


    Full Story | 43 Comments | Categories: Adam Dunn | Carlos Pena | Chad Durbin | Chris Coghlan | Colorado Rockies | Florida Marlins | Jorge de la Rosa | Kansas City Royals | Milwaukee Brewers | New York Mets | New York Yankees | Pittsburgh Pirates | Texas Rangers | Victor Martinez | Washington Nationals

    Phillies Want Quick Answer From Werth
    By Mark Polishuk [November 12 at 8:48pm CST]
    8:48pm: The Phillies are “making [a] big push to keep Werth,” tweets Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman.

    7:13pm: Ruben Amaro is hoping to know soon if Jayson Werth is willing to return to the Phillies, reports Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I don’t think it’s something we’re going to let go on for a while,” Amaro said. “Hopefully we’ll find out if he’s a viable option to bring back in a short period of time. Regardless of what happens with Jayson, there are things we need to do.”

    ESPN’s Jayson Stark heard from an unnamed Phillies source that there was “no chance” of Werth remaining a Phillie in 2011. Amaro denied being the source himself and said that the statement wasn’t true, though he didn’t confirm or deny if the club had already made Werth an offer. An early offer probably wouldn’t make much difference since any high-profile Scott Boras client will thoroughly test the market before considering re-signing with his previous club.

    The general consensus is that Werth will be playing elsewhere next season. To wit, in MLBTR’s own free agency predictions list, none of our five writers believe Werth will re-sign with Philadelphia.

  37. brooks

    November 13, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Bored jeff?

  38. betasigmashag

    November 13, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    yea I do not really get all of that. But I gotta say that if you can get Beltre from Boston, I think you can get something for Poly, or move Chase to right field. Then you get your RH bat and your Right fielder to replace Jayson. would not Beltre be cheeper than then Wreth 3years plus a team option or 4 years plus a team option for what 4 years 40-44 million per right. You could even have a line up against Righties
    Against Lefties do the same and put Ben Fran in for Raul,

  39. betasigmashag

    November 13, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    And if you move poly then could basicly put Brown in right and platoon Raul/Ben Fran. The down fall of that is you lose the best #2 hitter on the team and would have to rely on JRoll and Vic at the top of the lineup. You could actually but Chase #2 Betre three and JRoll Fifth to be a RH bat when needed behind Howard you would be S-L-R-L-S-R/L-L-R-pitcher. Basily you get Wreth’s numbers from third base and a four man outfield if you keep poly.


    November 13, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    UGH…………….TY JEFF??????

  41. Lefty

    November 14, 2010 at 6:52 am

    jeff, You know we all read MLBTR right?

    Don’t drive while intoxicated pal, okay?

  42. Chuck

    November 14, 2010 at 4:19 pm


  43. George

    November 14, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    The problem with these “sign Beltre” scenarios is that he’ll probably cost about sixty-five cents less than Werth, and will want a lot of years, too. Another problem is that no one really knows how Utley would do playing the outfield. He might not have a strong enough arm (or judging by his World Series struggles, an accurate enough arm) and there’s more running involved. Chipper Jones’ legs couldn’t hold up in left field and he was returned to 3B. I’m not saying that Utley has weak legs, but it’d be just one more thing to worry about after his thumb surgery, broken hand, and hip operation.


    November 14, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Phillies Interested In Hisanori Takahashi #mlb

  45. Greg

    November 14, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Jose Contreras is close to signing a 2 yr/5 million dollar contract with the PHillies, with an incentive based option for the third. Sounds good to me. He’s older, but he pitched well in relief, and 5 million is no big bankbreaker.


    November 14, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Phillies, Contreras Close To Two-Year Deal

  47. bostonkate

    November 15, 2010 at 12:05 am

    I love the red sox talk on here. Thing with the sox though, they really don’t give a shit (coming from someone with inside/front office knowledge). Theo and co. Are counting on their farm system ready to be developed by 2012 when they’ll mold a whole new core group of players. It worked for them once before. Even though I’d LOVE to see jwerth in a sox uniform, the sox won’t spend that kind of money. I hope I’m wrong though. Instead they prefer to invest money on a soccer team when soccer doesn’t even turn a profit.

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