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Hot Stove: Black Friday Edition – Ruf, Fields, CF

With No Door Busters to be had, the Phillies signed Fields this Black Friday after the crowds had passed.

The First Signing

The Phillies signed their first Minor League contract for the 2013 season: Josh Fields, 29, signed with the Phillies today. Fields was last seen in the Majors with the Kansas City Royals in 2010 manning the Hot Corner in just 13 games. Fields was once a promising up-and-comer, selected 18th overall by the Chicago White Sox in 2004 out of Oklahoma State, where he set passing records as a dual-sport star. Fields burst on to the scene in 2007 for the Chi Sox, hitting 23 HR in 418 PA. Injuries and the return of Joe Crede kept Fields off the Big League field in 2008 and he has since bounced around quite a bit, including a trip to Japan in 2011. Fields hit .322/.392/.488 with 13 HR for the Dodgers Triple-A  affiliate, the Albuquerque Isotopes, in 2012 in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League with below-average defense. Barring injury, Fields will likely start the year in Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

Much like shoppers who were not phased by the lack-luster Black Friday deals this year, the Phillies did not hit it big with any bargains this year. The day is not over yet but I don’t see them being able to score the 70″ LED-TV with a 240 Hz refresh rate, with matching surround sound and 3D Blu Ray.

Ruf Earns High Praise

Charlie Manuel did an interview today. Manuel spoke with Jim Duquette and Mike Ferrin on SiriusXM Sports. During the interview, Manuel said he viewed Upton and Bourn fairly equally and gave high praise to Darin Ruf. Manuel said “He’s a pretty good chance; he might make it 50/50 or something. Going into Spring Training, he’s going to get to play.” Manuel likes Ruf’s “surehandedness” and the ability to make the plays he’s supposed to in left and is aware of his hot bat in the Venezuelan league. “As an offensive player, I really like him,” said Manuel. You can listen to the whole interview here. (Huge thanks to Ken Bland in the comments section for bringing that to our attention).

Amaro Speaks

Finally, Jim Salisbury of Comcast SportsNet sat down with Ruben Amaro Jr. and discussed off-season plans. Notable from this are the following points from Amaro:

  • Amaro views John Mayberry Jr. as having a spot on the team, believes “he may be better than what (collective Phillies’ brass) has seen”, but that he is not their solution in center field. Amaro thinks Mayberry may have a shot to play regularly in the corners in 2013 but hints that he sees Mayberry like as the fourth outfielder no matter who they sign.
  • Amaro confirms that the team has met with B.J. Upton and that he is a candidate. Amaro lists Michael Bourn, Angel Pagan, and Shane Victorino as other candidates and also notes they may explore trades.
  • Amaro would not say whether they are “close” but did say there are situations where the Phillies are waiting for someone to “say yes” and other situations where there are “other teams waiting for us to say yes”. Whether or not that means the Phillies are “saying yes” to trades or pulling the trigger to sign players is unclear.
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  1. Ken Bland

    November 23, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Chrlie might be more talkative on Philly radfio in the winter than Im aware, so this might be old news, but I found him to be pretty fired up about giving Ruf a shot in the spring in this audio at about the 2 minute mark.

    Years is coming out as the sticking point between Pagan and the Giants. 5 sounds a little high, maybe he’s asking for 4, I guess. Could the Giants possibly just wanna go 2? I kinda doubt it. Maybe they sign him to a 3.5 year deal, and he’s a free agent mid year 2016. That’d be novel. And fire ’em up at MLBTR. Fun trend that’d be.

    Glad to see Ruben did contact the Fish about Stanton. I get all the longer than longshot reasons, but Anthopolis was told by Florida that he had the young talent the Fish wanted. If somehow, some way, the Phillies fit that criteria, I don’t think intra division is as major stumbling a block as it might seem.

    Historical note on this anniversary date, circa 1943. Phils owner William Cox got kicked out of baseball for gambling on his team (how stupid. How the frig do you bet on the 1940’s Phillies. Jiminy Freaking Xmas!), setting up Bob Carpenter to preside over the Phils at age 28. It took 25 years for this to be a good move, which by no coincidence was when Yale Eli grad Ruly took the over the club, and along with numerous Wall of Fame personnel and management at least gave us the experience of Black Friday, which was at least better than a lot of Phillies years. Sort of. Pain is pain, I guess.

    • Ian Riccaboni

      November 23, 2012 at 5:35 pm

      Great catch, Ken. I have not seen this interview – looks like it just happened today.

  2. bacardipr

    November 24, 2012 at 12:33 am

    Basically not much of anything then. I remember Rube saying he was going to keep Ben Fran then he was traded. So who knows at this point.

  3. Ryne Duren

    November 24, 2012 at 10:18 am

    i would not have a problem with the phils parting with 3- 4 minor league players and possibly a worley or kendrick type starter for stanton! he’s a very young player with a mega ton of upside. he’s gonna be a superstar slugger in baseball and has a lot of really good years ahead of him. heck i’d do a worley or kendrick with brown thrown in and 2 top minor league players. if anybody is worth that it’s statron. sign a free agent center fielder and with ruf and stanton on the corners? yea i like that alot.

    • Lefty

      November 24, 2012 at 12:56 pm

      I’d trade them Von Hayes straight up. Seriously, I agree that to trade him to someone in the division the Marlins would ask at least 5-6 players.

      • Ken Bland

        November 24, 2012 at 2:56 pm

        Considering that the Phils don’t seem to have a great quantity of young MLB ready talent, and at this time a less than top rung minor league system of pretty close to ready talent, I’d say its more about quality than quantity. Obviously, particularly intra division, this is no one for one, or 2 for 1 deal. But if for some reason, as an example, Florida is enamored with say a Biddle, or Asche, or somebody, oe better yet, even 2-3 players like that, then there’s a small chance of a deal that might not approach the Hayes level.

        So any first step to a match is do the Phils have any form of qualtity that can entice the Fish, let alone compared to other suitors. A surplus of bodies is pretty irrelavant to the fractional chance this could get pulled off.

  4. Ken Bland

    November 24, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    As the first leg of the off season approaches it’s exit, defined as pre winter meetings, 3 stories lie under the surface for beat types to get ready to cover. On 2 of the 3, there isn’t much of anything the beats can do to get a leg up on the competition.

    I don’t recall Doc Halladay talking much during the winter months at any point, maybe there was more coverage than usual his first year with the Phils when his 4:45 alarm and early morning dedication were novelty acts. And we will get plenty of demonstration and coverage in the Grapefruit mode about where The Great Doctor is in his bound to be successful to some degree comeback. But you’d thinkl there’s some sort of story there evn at these early stages as to where Doc is off almost 2 months of rest and rebuild, even if we didn’t hear much except the positivity as opposed to lingering concerns, and anything different he might be doing.

    Story number is 2 fold, and less than likely to reach the public eye. Particularly since the Phils, for their part would be completely practical with a wait and see approach. Inaccessible, or tight lipped in the height of summer, no doubt Chase Utley values his privacy during this time of year when he’s totally entitled to it. But even he would be wise to take a wait and see since a full season version and good health expands his marketability as a would be free agent. No, it’s still early, but at some juncture, Chase has to have more specific goals than just “having a lot of baseball left”, and it’d be interesting to know his thoughts on that as he approaches a critical year. Secondly, and most relavant, is what is Da Man’s off season conditioning like, and the feeling about the results toward actually playing some spring games.

    But the one story that might offer the most tangible read is what’s going on with Charlie Manual as he approaches his potential lame duck year. There seems a tendency to figure he’ll be gone after this year, easily promotable to a consultant’s job, or full time committment to the hills of West Virginia. What we’ve learned about Charlie through public image is dude is a fighter. He scraped to get here, and if he doesn’t actually want to go, we, the public may never know the details, but he might not go as quietly as the Cox, LaRussa, or Alston types.
    I suspect that either Charlie, or the Phillies, or both, have a pretty good idea what they want beyond 2013, and it’s probably best that the story take it’s natural course over time when both sides are ready to plant their feet, but of the 3 subjects, I think the most likely tangible story would be from Charlie if he chose to share his current thinking on his future. One thing for sure. Even considering his perceived imperfections, the man deserves an on as genuine a shade or red carpet as is. On the other side of the perceived imperfections are a lot of things he’s done yeoman’s work on, and that deserves no shortage of appreciation.

  5. bacardipr

    November 24, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    I dont think Cholly will be here beyond next year but who knows. Also the Phils need to stock up on some minor league talent as it comes time to turn this crop of players around. Which by most estimates would be after next year.

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