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Phillies Player Review: Cole Hamels

We all thought this was the last start at CBP for Cole Hamels.

Cole Hamels came into 2012 in a contract year, and many, many people expected this to be his last year in Philadelphia. To start the season, Charlie Manuel even elected to skip a day for Hamels so that he could pitch in the home opener.

With the contract undoubtedly on his mind, Hamels still started the year great. Aside from his poor performance in the home opener that I and the rest of the PN Crew witnessed, he had an ERA under 3 up until June 7. And then, in June and July, he posted an ERA of 4.21. This was also a time when the trade rumors–with Hamels’ name being thrown around everywhere–were swirling. It was pretty clear that he was more than a little distracted by it all.

On July 21, he took the mound in what a lot of people thought would be his final start at Citizens Bank Park in a Phillies uniform. He hit his first career home run, gave up a home run to opposing pitcher Matt Cain, and, in 2012 Phillies fashion, blew an 8th inning lead after giving up a home run to Melky Cabrera.

When he walked off the mound, he was greeted with a standing ovation from the largest crowd in Citizens Bank Park history. We all thought it could be the end of the Hamels era.

Then, two days later, Jayson Stark reported that the Phillies would push hard for a Hamels extension that week. Joel Sherman then reported that the Phils’ offer to Hamels was around six years for $140 million. Then it happened. On July 25, Hamels signed a six year, $144 million contract extension to stay in Philadelphia. Phillies fans everywhere rejoiced, and didn’t even care that in his next start he gave up five runs in five innings. He would be a Phillie for six more years, and that’s all that mattered.

From that point on, his ERA for the rest of the year was again under 3 (2.58 to be exact), which brought his 2012 ERA to 3.05. He pitched the most innings, had the highest strikeout rate, and lowest ERA among Phillies starters.

Grade: A+ … Even if Hamels didn’t pitch well in 2012, he would have gotten a positive grade. The fact that he signed the extension was enough to make 2012 a huge success for Hamels.

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  1. Jaron B

    November 26, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    I’d give him a solid A… good evaluation.

  2. Ken Bland

    November 26, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    I wondered when we’d get around to this guy.

    Let’s see somebody else participate in the negotiation of the contract he did, particpate in the foundation carrying his name that has donated more money to the city he pitches in than some make in a lifetime, carry the responsibility of raising 2 young kids, oh by the way, 1 of whom is adopted, and surely living a better life than nature would have offered, and still have time to pitch as well as he did. Numbers are not a fair measure of Cool Hamels. Even when Cool tried to look foolish by indoctrinating Bryce Harper into The Show, Harper showed sincerity in lavishing praise for Hamels as though Harper’d been hurt by a friend.

    A Plus? I’m a buyer. You are watching maybe thee cornerstone of Phillie memories that will entrench your joy decades from now as you look back on these times. Cherish the man. Lots of good memories still to develop.

    • kittykat

      November 27, 2012 at 11:55 am

      Agree! I do believe his children are both his natural children. I am still surprised that Cole signed with the team with the way Ruben Amaro and the FO spent most of their time dissing him or dismissing him. Contrary to popular belief, Cole rises above such nonsense like booing him off the mound and being pushed back in the rotation year after year after winning a championship. He is here at least for now and that is a good thing for the team and the city. A+ indeed!

      Only 4 comments for Cole Hamels’s analysis? If this were Cliff Lee, there would be 40 comments of praise.

      • schmenkman

        November 27, 2012 at 12:20 pm

        There would be 40 comments on Lee only because there is disagreement about how good his season was.

        There is no such disagreement for Hamels’ season.

      • Ken Bland

        November 29, 2012 at 3:09 pm

        Looks like you’re right on both kids being natural. There was a lot of talk about the Hamels adopting at one point, and I erroneously recalled it having become past tense. Thanks for the correction.

  3. brooks

    November 26, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Here are some known facts about Cole:

    Cole is 100 feet tall.
    Sal Fasano is afraid of Cole Hamels.
    Hamels is a sure thing. Only some sort of freak injury or something could keep him from saving the franchise. And we know that will never happen.
    Cole K’s men by the hundreds. And if HE were in the MAJORS (read: when he’s in the majors), he’d consume the METS with fireballs from his eyes,and bolts of lightning from his arse. (editor’s note: 8/14/2006 v NYM: 8 IP, 0 R, 9 K)
    Cole Hamels outpitched Steve Carlton before he was even born.
    Pedro Martinez keeps a picture of Cole Hamels under his hat for inspiration.
    If Cole Hamels wanted to he could steal your girl and, because he’s so great, you’d want to watch him take care of business with her. He wouldn’t do such things though, because he’s Cole Hamels.
    Jack Bauer calls Cole Hamels for advice.
    Cole Hamels is the only person Barbara Bush fears.
    Fear itself is afraid of Cole Hamels.
    For Halloween, Chuck Norris went as Cole Hamels.
    When kids go to bed they wear Superman pajamas; when Superman goes to bed he wears a Cole Hamels jersey.
    The chief export of Cole Hamels is K’s.
    When Cole Hamels passes “Go”, he collects $400.
    Cole Hamels punches people so hard he breaks his own hand.
    Cole is so handsome that he dates a Playboy cover girl.
    Cole’s poop is used as currency in Clearwater.
    Not only does Cole watch movies with Gladiators, he stars in them.
    One time Cole Hamels spent 40 days in the desert. To survive, he ate whole camels.
    Cole Hamels’ picture is on every crisp 100 dollar bill.

    • Ken Bland

      November 26, 2012 at 9:55 pm

      He should get higher than A+ if he inspired all that. Nice work!

    • c schreiber

      November 27, 2012 at 11:38 pm

      Brooksie are you OK?? Do you need help? My brother is a psyco doc, so if you want his number let me know.

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