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Why I Love the Phillies – Amber

I grew up in New England, where I was exposed to the Red Sox growing up. Unfortunately, I could never get excited about the team.

One day, back around 2004 or so, I was watching the Phillies on television and instantly fell in love with the team. They showed a great deal of heart and struck me as a team full of true winners, regardless of their win-loss record at the end of the season. Ever since that year, I’ve been following the team religiously.

When I started dating my boyfriend (now fiance) five and a half years ago, he began to love the team just as much as I do. Although it’s hard to take trips to Philadelphia, we’ve been to see the Phillies play at home two separate times and have seen them play five times in all (between the two of us). On top of everything, my fiance proposed to me at Citizens Bank Park this past week when he took me to a game for my birthday! It was one of the best moments of my life and made the Phillies and the park that much more special!

I don’t think I could ever love any other team as much as the Phillies!

– Amber

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  1. Ken Bland

    November 24, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Been a while since the winning entry was posted, and the content escapes my memory. That detail in place, it’s obvious why this one wasn’t the winner even if I can’t remember what the winner said.

    Amber falls into the trap of many before her. She told us the hubby to be popped the question at CBP.

    To which I say so what?

    The ballpark, in any of MLB’s 6 division’s is a popular ground by which to propose marraige. But throughout the course of baseball history, nadda one similar story has gone into important detail. I find this similar to simply reporting that Charlie Manual went to his bullpen. Did he do it with Cliff at 130 pitches, or 85? Did he bring in Bastardo to face 3 righties in a row, or play to matchups?

    See, the Big Question is like manager decisions. There’s strategy to them. A woman proposed to with RyHo up with 2 strikes against a lefty is different than the timing of will you marry me while Chooch waits for a 3-1 pitch with ’em loaded. So she left out the detail of the timing. This would give us a far better shot at evaluating the fiance’s strategy of asking Amber to join him in matramiony.

    Not only that, but on the heels of euphoria, Amber’s all fired up about the question being asked at the Park. Only Schenkman knows for sure, but certain parks probably have higher sabermetric success toward leading to Diamond Anniversaries. Maybe the Bank leads the League, maybe not. For all I know, maybe she would have been better off dragging the guy to Houston for a game against the Phils, and having him drop the question there. Actually, scratch that. Phillies V Houston, well you know the drill on that. A lsoing proposition no doubt leading to a short term hookup.

    So I wish Amber the best, and applaud her on the SUPERFICIAL details.But I can’t evaluate the fiance’s timing without details, and I am forced to give her an Incomplete in our ongoing project of grading the 2011 performance of Citizan’s Bank Park personnel.

    But I wish ’em both much happiness,and lotsa World Championships to enjoy together, long as they name the first 2 rugrats Doc and Cliff. Even if Cool Hamels starts the 2013 Opener.

    • George

      November 25, 2012 at 9:32 am

      Incomplete? What about your own failure to mention a significant part of the “timing” issue: the fact that the proposal was made on Amber’s birthday? That alone is a very significant statistic, and should also be investigated by Schmenkman (park proposal stats as influenced by birthdays).

      That said, perhaps we should be lauding Amber for her love of the Phils and the contribution she has made to the “Why I love…” contest. Not everyone has had the wherewithal to contribute despite claiming (like the whiny AFW) their own ardent fanship in the comments section. I know I myself wouldn’t have guts enough to expose my emotions as Amber has.

      (Please don’t be offended, Ken. My first paragraph was a jest in response to your own clever writing.)

      • Ken Bland

        November 25, 2012 at 10:22 am

        Actuslly George, HECK YEAH, I’m OFFENDED, he said, searching for a larger font to drive home the point. I feel like I’ve been cornered into the laborsome process of regrading the fiancee’s work off your good birthday point. Amber will now walk off with a report card of incomplete plus. How freaking generous of me.

        It really was a nice story Amber told. Personally, if I had asked Amber to marry me, I’d have done it at the Palestra. Don’t know why, just like the idea. And I;m sure the masses would be more inclined to like the way it went down as opposed to my choice.

        I like AFW. We’ll just go separate ways on that one. Hope your health is progressing upwards.

  2. brooks

    November 25, 2012 at 4:12 am

    Ken, you’re a riot brother.
    Amber (sadly, I have never known a woman that called herself – with pride – Amber), you’re story is inspirational my dear. A tale of hope and courage! A tale of clarity –
    We in Phillies Nation solute you – coming from baseball hell and seeing the true greatness of the “Phillie” it’s just damn inspiring and I wish you and your very smart and lucky fiance the best – cheesesteaks, crabfries and a hearty “Yo!” to you …

    • Ken Bland

      November 25, 2012 at 10:24 am

      Geez, if Boston (well, New England I guess is what she said, and Providence truly is hell) is hell, then what the hell is Kansas City? Or Houston? Or Pburgh?

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