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2013 Spring Training

On Deck Series Gameday: Phillies vs Blue Jays

2559d7603ouedg7ldhw0br4fnPhiladelphia Phillies vs Toronto Blue Jays

TIME: 1:05, Citizens Bank Park
PHL 17
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It’s the last non-meaningful game for the Phillies this year (or so we hope), as the Blue Jays and Phillies square off again at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon. Last night, we learned that Cole Hamels has a mustache. And, honestly, that was the highlight of the night. Cliff Lee pitched well, but the Phillies lost 1-0. Today, Kyle Kendrick will pitch for the Phils. The bullpen is still a little cloudy, so that will be something to watch today.

Lineup: Revere, Rollins, Utley, Howard (DH), Young, Brown, Nix, Mayberry (1B), Kratz

Go Phillies!



  1. Lefty

    March 30, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    No that these games mean anything, but in case you think they do, there is a silver lining. The Phils for the first time in a few years, don’t have to play the Blue Jays again this season.

  2. Ken Bland

    March 31, 2013 at 10:54 am

    A look ahead to what it’s all about…OPENING DAY…..

    Among the most appealing differences between the now past exhibition season and real baseball is the way pitchers work. It’s business time, and the possibility of watching the Halladays of the world symphonically peak and back off and find a point to get strongeris truly good stuff. Matchups matter, although past results don’t insure repeat results.

    Here are some numbers versus bothe Cool, and Hudson, who if he’s looking for a distraction, can relish in the glory of what might well be his last ever OD assignment in a just outstanding career.

    Versus Hudson

    Fransden is 5 for 10, all singles, no walks.

    Piece is 5 for 13, plus a walk. 1 double, 1 homer included

    Jimmy is 5 for 14, with 2 shots, no less, and a double. Add a walk if you’re an OBP fan.

    Now you’d think based on opposite hand, Nix’d start in right. For what it’s worth, he’s 1-5 (single), which, off Huddy, isn’t exactly terrible. Bangberry, on the other had, is 2-7, and walked twice additionally.

    Chase. Don’t ask. 1-11 with a single. But no K’s, so he’s put the ball in play, and has 2 ribs.

    Amazingly, Cole has never batted against Hudson. That is weird.

    Cole, facing Atlanta has never been a picnic in the park for the ATL. Heyward is 2-8 with a coule 2 baggers, Freddie Freeman (not a bad selection as a player to watch this year) is 3-10, but has struout 5 times against Cole. No Chipper, no McCann, and no other noteworthy results. Well, one. Uggla, relative to other pitchers he’s facedf, has done superble against the Phils hurler. 5 at bats, 3 K’s. My man.

    • Ken Bland

      April 1, 2013 at 2:54 pm

      Happy Opening Day! The slow crawl to game times stays in motion, and reduces at it’s own pace, but now that the lineups are out, you can just feel it coming.

      Charlie did go with Mayberry in lieu of Nix, o9verriding the old opposite hand drill. John has had a little success off Hudson, whether that’s the reason or not, who knows. Ben Revere leads off. Will he lead off all 3 games in Atlanta? We shall see.

      I think the best way to put Opening Day in perspective to properly appreciate it’s depth is this.

      Imagine being 21 years old. Nice plus.

      Imagine being in the starting lineup of a big league game for Opening Day at age 21. Pretty impressive, huh?

      Imagine hitting a homer on that same day in your first at bat. This is getting real euphoric now.

      Imagine banging a 2nd home run in your second at bat.

      Think Bryce will remember this day forever? That might be the problem. It might get too routine to remember.

      Hoping for a captivating season starting with somehow winning at lest 2 in Dixie.

  3. Ken Bland

    March 31, 2013 at 11:00 am

    2013 senses and expectations around The Game.

    There’s no absolute permanancer to the top of the Phils order, Charlie winds up doing a fair amount of flipping of the 2 R’s depending oin matchups. They’ll adjust.

    Jimmy bucks odds and waits til before H2 to be an offensive asset. His start of last year is a distant memory. But one infield popup will keep the critics howling.

    The pitching will be different come 4/1, but how can you not respect the spring RyHo has had, and not expect bigger things. I’d expect him to hoit more four plys than the Miami heat wins games in a row, but that’s aided by the difficulty of Miami facing the Spurs in the Antone soon.

    Sorry to be stubborn, sorry to be stupid, but my lonesome feeling of standing alone in no rush to bury Roy Halladay still stands. It’s spring, he’s off an injury, he got thrown by a virus, and he’s gonna be closer to Doc than the people rushing to adjust expectations on him think. I guess closer is an operative word, but in a spirit of attempted objectivity, that’s my thought.

    The Braves and Nats both look like they COULD be real good. In the Nats case, only because of the Braves propensity to strike out, that’s a more reasonable expectation. Davey is a tremendous guy to be at the helm of a team challenged by needing to live up to expectations.

    Chase Utley is gonna make the Phils lives difficult by playing in a way that tempts them to overpay/overextend him at season’s end.

    Before July, Ryne Sandberg is gonna make a 3rd base coaching decision that sparks a bunch of criticism in blog world. A knowledgable Hall of Famer should make for a good 3rd base coach, but Ryno wasn’t perfect in spring training, and probably has a couple debatable, or wrong ecisions left in him.

    Laynce Nix and John Mayberry perform better as a platoon than they have this spring in not quite perfectly disciplined platoon form. This is a curved guess based on the fact that here in 2013, as a platoon, 50 yerars after they last played in the bigs, Harry Anderson and Wally Post couldn’t offer worse.

    From the time a couple months ago when new voice and face of the Phillies Cool Hamels spoke about the importance of the club getting off to a good start, this type thinking is spread throughout the locker room, and with a less than difficult first third schedule, comes to fruition.

    The Reds, better than a year ago still find it difficult to get to the World Series.

    Dom Brown’s spring is no fluke, but it’s still ove rthe head of even an all-time Hall of Famer from equalling in the regular season. Still, he’ll get a good amount of deserved consideration as an all-star.

    The Arizona Diamondbacks are a pain the butt obstacle in the Phils chase to the playoffs if it’s as a wildcard, either thee wildcard, or the playin road entry.

    Craig Kimbrel destorys reliever personality traits and kicks ass still again leaving every other year greatness to bullpens outside the southeast.

    Andre Ethier may well not see the second half of the year as a Dodger.

    “If You Build It, They Might Come Park” in Miami changes it’s name in season to “We built it, but they still didn’t come” Stadium.

    If Tim Lincecum manages to get back on track, he’ll rush through the time he has to make up for. That part’s a huge if. Finding a home in the Giants pen for the remainder of his contract is a better possibility.

    First time in 45 year Triple Crowner Miggy Cabrera actually has people wondering if he can do it back to back as late as maybe even July.

    The Angels could have a real good year, but I don’t quite share the optimism of World Series expectations quite as enthusiastically as some takes I’ve run across.

    Dom Brown will get a chance to test his “confidence is such that right now, I feel like I could turn on a 100 mph pitch” agaunst Aroldis Chapman at some point during the year. We’ll see.

    They keep screaming about Oriole Magic literally being magic, but Buck Showalter emains a great manager whether the results change, or not.

    Somebody might break down to chance Roy Oswalt at mid season, but more likely is he is finally done in part because he just didn’t love the game enough to keep it going. No biggie on the bottom line. Niothing wrong with a fine career and a life of balance.

    I don’t expect it, far from it actually, but I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Fredi Gonzales is a pre all-star break manager casualty.

    The law of averages tells me that if I offer one more sense, I am chancing reducing my shot at perfection with these assertions. That’s called quit while you’re ahead, and while ahead still has a chance to be perfect.

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