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Five Runs Not Enough in Loss to Brewers


Two home runs by Dom Brown weren’t enough against the Brew Crew. (PHOTO: AP)

The Phillies, who were averaging just 3.4 runs per game coming into tonight’s contest,  put up five runs on Brewers starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo–but lost the game 8-5. Domonic Brown launched two home runs, but was outdone by Jonathan Lucroy who hit two homers along with a double en route to a 5-5 night at the plate. Cole Hamels gave up seven runs (six earned), and took his ninth loss on the season.


How about Domonic Brown? He launched two home runs Friday night for a total of four RBI. His slash line is now .272/.306/.549 and he has fifteen home runs on the season. He is turning out to be the Phillies best offensive player this year, and it is a fantastic thing to see after all the undeserved bashing he got.


Cole Hamels had yet another tough outing. He surrendered six earned runs in just five innings of work. He allowed twelve hits and only struck out three. He raised his season ERA up to 4.86. It’s shaping up to be a tough year for Hamels, but he’s more mature than he was in 2009, so I think he will bounce back at some point.


Jonathan Lucroy, have yourself a night! It was hittin’ weather–as Charlie Manuel would say–as the Brewers catcher went 5-5 with two home runs, a double, four RBI, and three runs scored. The Phillies simply did not have an answer for him. He hasn’t been a great hitter this year, so when he has a night like this, you know the Brewers will put up runs.

The Phillies are back at it tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM, with Tyler Cloyd on the mound for the Phillies, and Mike Fiers on the mound for the Brewers.




  1. Glutenous

    May 31, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    Cole Hamels with be benched on my fantasy baseball team. That can only mean his next outing will be a CG shut out victory. I’m doing it for the team guys. Go Phillies!

    Oh, and how bout that Dom Brown kid? Downtown!

    • Lefty

      June 1, 2013 at 12:13 am

      Good man. That always works for me.

  2. Andrew from Waldorf

    June 1, 2013 at 2:47 am

    Ruben and the Phils handled Brown in an absolutely horrible way. But it seems like they will get away with that at least.

    This is just a bad team.

    They are actually worse than their record.
    Although you are what your record says you are!

    The only players I even care about when hitting are Galvis and Brown.

    I suppose in about 20 years though Ruben will give them long tem deals.
    For now they are trade bait for other teams fossils.

    Imagine if Ricky Henderson were still playing and faced these phils.

    He might steal 10 bases in a game!

  3. jake

    June 1, 2013 at 6:01 am

    It’s a bad team. For sure.
    Keeping the “core” intact would be negligent.
    It’s clear you gotta move on….Shame Hamels stinks this year. He was such a hot commodity last season.

    • hk

      June 1, 2013 at 6:51 am

      I agree that keeping the core intact would be negligent, but it would be just another incident of negligence from this GM. I don’t see a big sell-off happening because:

      1. After cutting bait on Durbin and holding onto Delmon for too long – how much longer until they cut him, too? – I can’t see RAJ admitting to too many more of his mistakes and trading off additional pieces that he recently acquired or overpaid to retain.

      2. You don’t want to trade Hamels when he’s 1-9, they’d have to pay a decent portion of Lee’s contract to get a good return and trading Lee would send a signal that would most likely send their attendance even further downward. With the hitters, Howard’s contract may be impossible to move and Rollins is a 10-and-5 guy. The guys who are impending free agents (Ruiz, Utley and Halladay) are all hurt, so they have to hope they get healthy before they can trade them. If not, they’ll get the salary relief if they walk after the season any way.

      3. Even if they do decide to rebuild or retool, do you really want RAJ leading the way? After all, this is the guy who traded Cliff Lee, who at the time had 1 year and $9M on his contract, for Phillipe Aumont and two guys who look increasingly likely to never make it to the big leagues.

      4. The one guy who might be able to bring a decent return and who might be in demand is Papelbon. After Valverde blew last night’s game, I would be on the phone with Detroit if I was RAJ. He’s a better option than many contenders (Boston, Detroit, St. Louis and maybe Baltimore among others) already have on their rosters.

  4. Brooks

    June 1, 2013 at 7:51 am

    5 stolen bases is a travesty – I bet Ellsbury cannot wait to play the Phils again and frankly, I want this gy on my team.

  5. Davy The Greek

    June 1, 2013 at 11:09 am

    HA HA HA Hamels HeeHee

  6. frank

    June 1, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    I hate these long term contracts. I might be wrong, but wasn’t this actually Cole’s walk year. I wonder if he would have this kind of year if it was. Even if last year was his free agent year, he sure had a good year, didn’t he?. I don’t like Hamels. I know this isn’t popular, but I think he’s weak. Hes more like strausburg, mentally weak. If someone makes an error behind them or they lose a few games, it changes their whole game. He’s making millions and won’t talk to the media. If that’s not weak, I don’t know what is.

    I’m sure he will bounce back and have some o.k. years, but no way will he live up to that contract.

    • George

      June 1, 2013 at 2:02 pm

      I hate these long term contracts, too, because they are a huge risk and usually the “risk” takes over.

      However, people who constantly castigate Amaro for them are out of line. Look at some of the horrors other GM have committed and look at the performances they’ve gotten. Who in hell signed Pujols for so many years/dollars? How about Vernon Welles? Then consider some of the dogs Amaro didn’t fall for thios offseason. Fredi Gonzalez thinks perhaps B.J Upton should be sent to AAA. Josh Hamilton isn’t doing much. Victorino is on the DL. The Phils have actually tried to stay away from some of the more ridiculous contracts, but they DO have to acquire players somehow, and when other teams bend over to sign major talent, the Phils are left with fewer options.

      As far as Hamels is concerned, I think it’s way, way too early to pass any intelligent judgement about his contract. I find absolutely nothing wrong with refusing to talk to the press. Steve Carlton did for years and didn’t lose any credibility. I also disagree that Hamels’ game changes when things don’t go well. If a person is a constant victim of zilch run support, shaky defense, and bad bounces, one has to work all the harder. It’s taxing physically to have to be perfect, and with the Phils’ sometimes obnoxious fanbase, even the tiniest mistake is blown way out of proportion. With some of the things said about Hamels in 2009, he’s have to be mentally tough to even want to pitch for some of those fans.

  7. bacardipr

    June 1, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    George nice piece and I agree with you on some parts. Though you left the one Albatross that is Ryan Howard. I think Lee felt the same way last year but handled it better than Hamels. Shane is hurt and i think the contract was just a slight overpay. If he returns to his 2011 form i think its about right. Of course its better to home grow your talent. As evident by the 07-11 run. A season or two ago the mantra then was get younger cost controlled guys. Note that a team featuring Galvis, Revere, Brown and lets say Hernandez unless coupled with the right pieces probably wont be a great team. Im still up in the air about jettison the core. You may not like what you see for a while but then you have to start somewhere. Then of course their till Howard. This is the Albatross that in many ways is hindering what Rube can do. I also fear that Rube isnt the right guy to overhaul this team.

  8. Bruce

    June 1, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    What gives with Hamels? It’s more than just bad luck. That would be a cop-out excuse. He is supposedly the “ace” of the staff with a $144 million contract (6 years). There is more to his problems I’m afraid than just bad luck and lack of run support. Last night he was given a 3 run lead and couldn’t dominate a team that tied their worse record for a month with just 6 wins.

    I can see almost see it now with one of the PN writers comparing Hamels with Joe Blanton (chuckles).

    I’ll also add that Galvis is killing the Phillies with his anemic bat as he struggles to stay above the “Mendoza Line’. And watching him played several games in the field, I think he is overrated as a fielder. I’m anxious to see Michael Young return to 3rd base and have Galvis back on the bench. After all, Galvis’ primary role should be a late inning defensive replacement and NOTHING more. If the minor league call-up, Hernandez can hit a bit, let him and Frandsen share the role of playing 2nd base until Utley returns.

  9. Davy The Greek

    June 2, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Blanton can out pitch Hamels. Send Hamels to the camels in Iraq and let his sissy ass cry.

    • schmenkman

      June 2, 2013 at 10:40 am


      Greeks (and Davys) across Phillies Nation hang heads in shame

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