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Phils Blow Lead, Lose Series

Doc struggled with command yet again, but gave up just one run over six innings. (PHOTO: AP)

Doc struggled with command yet again, but gave up just one run over six innings. (PHOTO: AP)

The Phillies had a 2-1 lead going into the 7th inning, after Roy Halladay had gutted out six innings of one-run baseball on the mound. But two batters later, the game was tied 2-2 after a home run by Ryan Zimmerman off Zach Miner. Then, in the 8th inning, a leadoff walk by Jake Diekman resulted in a manufactured run for the Nationals, and that’s all they would need to beat the Phils.


Roy Halladay began the game in a…sub-optimal way. His first two innings included four walks and a HBP. However, he only gave up one run. He then seemed to settle in, and cruised four more innings without giving up a run before he was taken out after the sixth inning. His fastball sat in the 86-88 range, which was slightly better than his last outing. He also seemed to make real-time adjustments on his command, which was actually fascinating to watch. I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on him the rest of the year. Maybe he can learn to pitch like a Jamie Moyer type guy, as he suggested a couple weeks ago.


This might be nothing, but I’ve noticed that Jimmy Rollins hasn’t been hitting leadoff lately. Tonight, Cesar Hernandez got the call at the top of the lineup, and delivered with a two-run double in the second inning along with a single and a walk. He was caught stealing in the fifth.


The Phils are off tomorrow, but welcome the Atlanta Braves on Friday for a three game set. Friday is also the cool hat giveaway at Citizens Bank Park. Cliff Lee will take the mound for the Phillies and Mike Minor will get the ball for the Braves.



  1. Pamikedc

    September 4, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    Bullpen blows it.

    I don’t think I can name one regular here on PN that thought the Phils were going to hold that 2-1 lead. C’mon!

  2. wbramh

    September 5, 2013 at 12:06 am

    There’s no way Roy Halladay morphs into a Moyer-type (or Robbie after he lost his good fast ball). Roy has lost not only his speed and movement on the ball, but even more critically, his control. But for a few lucky breaks and a good play by Asche (if memory serves me) it could have easily gotten ugly again, and early.

    Again he appeared to be sweating harder than everyone else on the field other than a few corpulent fans – and Doc is thin. In fact, he looks thinner lately to my eyes. I still believe something’s wrong with him health-wise other than his shoulder issues. He’s appeared sickly for over a year now. If he hasn’t had a full physical in awhile that looks beyond his pitching mechanics than the team should have him see someone other than an orthopedic guy. Maybe I’m seeing something that’s not there. Or maybe he has an unrelated illness and we’re on the verge of losing a great pitcher and great competitor because everyone’s looking for the obvious. Look up “illnesses that cause unusual sweating” and you’ll find a plethora of problems (some serious). Just the loss of hydration alone while he’s on the mound could be enough to weaken him and affect his speed and location – not to mention his grip which Doc complained about after his last outing. It could also shut down his kidneys and threaten his life, something that happened to my then 21-year-old son while in the Army (even with hydration). He was lucky to have it diagnosed quickly (in his case rhabdomyolysis).and put in the hospital for 5 days of observation. You especially don’t mess around with a person sweating profusely like Doc has been doing on a hot summer day.

    Just my two cents – or 8 cents because I’ve harped on this possibility at least three other times with no response from the peanut gallery.

    • Lefty

      September 5, 2013 at 6:49 am

      Well you didn’t expect a response for 2 cents did you?? Now 8 cents, that makes it worth typing.

      I am not a doctor nor do I play one on blogs, but I mostly agree with you. I just cannot believe that the team wouldn’t be seeing the same things we do, and wouldn’t have insisted he have a thorough physical – especially after that short start in Chicago. (the first time I noticed the profuse sweating) I have a hard time believing they are that blind to it.

      He always looked a little bit flushed even when he was on his game having no problems just because of his skin and hair color, but I think trainers and team doctors would have noticed the difference.

    • Carlos Danger

      September 5, 2013 at 7:47 am

      Since they’re paying him $20 million a year, I’m sure the team has explored all medical options with Halladay. Commenting publicly on health issues of an employee is not legal however, so it would be up to Doc whether or not he wanted anything to be disclosed. I tend to believe that the reason for Halladay’s decline probably isn’t very mysterious – he’s a 37 year old pitcher who’s thrown a ton of pitches in his career.

    • Ryne Duren

      September 5, 2013 at 8:13 am

      I said it before I’ll repeat it. Doc has a parasite from his fishing trip to central America. He’s looking really bad on the mound ever since that cubs game.

      The reason I say that is because my brother and his girlfriend went on a trip to central America and she came home with a parasite from swimming in a fresh water river or something. She didn’t see the effects right away but a few months later she started with the symptoms feeling week etc losing weight, sweating a lot at any kind of exertion blah blah. After six or eight months she was finally diagnosed with a parasite. that was almost a year and a half ago! She’s still on her medication but I’ll tell ya she has the same look as Doc and she was a robust woman. Now she looks all drawn out and if she stops her medication she could die. The doctors told her not to drink alcohol cause it would kill her. But of course after all her problems guess what she’s drinking.
      Enough about her. If you guys remember Doc was down there fishing with Carpenter from the cards and he supposedly jumped into the river to save somebody? If that was the case it’s highly likely that he could have picked a parasite up which is causing his sweating and stamina to wear him down.

      Of the crack medical staff of the Phillies are right on that! Yea he had a shoulder problem, but I think they should seriously check this out. The way he’s pitching is no were remotely close to what he was. If I was the Phils I’d be concerned. If they don’t check this and give him another contract we’re going to be in for some disappointing times. Not to mention the fact that a good person is sick and not being treated. I don’t trust their medical staff 1 iota.

      • wbramh

        September 5, 2013 at 6:06 pm

        Well if I’m correct about a non sports-related medical issue being masked by the shoulder injury then there are likely problems here.
        The first is while teams take get the best doctors for their players, they get the best orthopedic guys because that’s virtually always the problem.
        The second problem is that most guys, and especially athletes, tend to assume a certain posture of invulnerability – even at age 36 when they’ve remained at the top of a kid’s game.

        I neither expect the Phillies organization to look for other causes of Doc’s rapid demise (not from lack of caring) nor do I believe Doc would be looking for non sports-related causes. It may become more obvious to him if the orthopedic guys are saying there’s no reason from their perspective that he can’t return to old form. He’s been an iron man out there. But as we all know, iron men can get sick too.

        As for any specific medical issue there are too many possibilities and to choose one would be pure conjecture, especially for a non-professional. It could be something hard enough to track down through testing. Or it could be the machination of a concerned fan who wrongly believes he’s been seeing something unusual in Doc’s appearance for over a year and by sheer chance is now hearing related complaints from the player.

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