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2014 Spring Training

Rollins Back in Starting Lineup Rollins will be back in the starting lineup today batting second for the first time since Monday’s game against the Braves.

It was initially thought that Ryne Sandberg was benching Rollins in order to “send a message,” but it turns out it was not disciplinary and was just so Sandberg could get an extended look at the younger Freddy Galvis.

However, Sandberg was upset at Rollins for some comments that he made to the Philadelphia Daily News regarding the Phillies offensive struggles thus far.

“Who Cares,” Rollins said, and then expanded on that by saying Spring Training statistics are not telling of what will happen once the regular season begins.

“I just wanted him to clarify that, because I wanted to make sure that he cared. And I wanted to make sure  — I know that everyone else in the locker room cared. So when he told me about what he was talking about, it made sense…He was referencing himself and where he’s at right now,” said Sandberg

This is not the first time Rollins has attracted media attention for things that he said.

In 2007, Rollins got attention for his comments stating that the Phillies were “the team to beat” in the NL East. Those comments stuck throughout the season and seemed to fuel the Phillies’ quest to claim the division crown.

2013 was Rollins’ worst season of his career, hitting .252 with 6 home runs, 39 RBIs and a career .667 OPS.

Todd Zolecki reported that Rollins is not worried that the Phillies will try to have him share time at shortstop with Galvis over the course of the regular season.

“That hasn’t even crossed my mind,” said Rollins.

“(Rollins is) an important part of the team. He’s got his role on the team as a veteran player, and he comes into Spring Training in very good shape every year, and he has again this year. He’s got his playing time and at-bats coming up. It’s also a long season playing up the middle, so with him and Chase, I’m careful with their games. I know the grind of a season, and Jimmy plays over 150 games a year. It’s the time of the spring right now where he’ll have some time down the stretch,” said Sandberg.

Despite Sandberg’s comments saying that he benched Rollins to get more of a look at Galvis and to give Rollins a break, it would not be surprising if Rollins’ “who cares?” comment played a slight role in his benching. That being said, It’s good to see that Sandberg is willing to put his foot down when he sees the need to.




  1. Ken Bland

    March 14, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Oh, good. Another in the never ending series of Jimmy Rollins updates. The most much adieu about nothing since the firstest time somebody spelled adieu with an a-d-o, but what do I know about spilling. Suffice to say The Shortstop did his usual truth, but it’s how he said it that drew the masses to his focal point. Who cares is as true as it gets when it comes to oh so many spring stats, but Jimmy’s hustle or not to hustle plight in life must nadda been discussed since the second clock moved, so out came some original opines on the subject. What his running out grounders, which incredibly, he does pretty often, but that don’t draw no chirps has to do with his who cares platform on spring stats is a little stretchy, but it’s kinda fun
    to check out the venom from those qualified to judge him because those have equal achievement in numbers of MVP’s, rings, millions earned, and for my money, good self esteem.

    And while this story might be pretty typical of spring training well, we gotta discuss SOMETHING, it does warrant a little discourse, but it’s still OLD. And I know old. Boy do I know old. But what puzzles, or catches my attention is the beats probably falling over each other trying to scoop the bijesus out of the story stead of pursuing other worthy items.

    Bordering on that worthy is a story we offered what might have been a premature reaction some 9 days after Ryan Madson threw 93 mph, or so was reported in front of more teams as a showcase than the 10-9-8-76ers have won games. Multiple reactions through the press reported interest in signing the ex-Phil. There’s a difference between Tanaka level interest and catch lightning in a bottle interest, but interest is interest, period.

    Our offering was why no deal yet, admittedly suspect on only 9 days later, but now it’s a month by any planetary cycle, and Madson ain’t got no deal. Even sans Scott Boras. Isn’t there a story in them parts? Hell, Johann Santana has a deal. Brett Tomko has a deal. Is Madson demanding a major league deal? Has his arm regressed, as opposed to the key of feelin’ good, like a reliever should in the next days? Was the 93 inaccurate, or a scam of who cares since the pitches had no movement. Surely, for better, or worse, there’s a story there of some sort that as it’s about a definitely key performer during Golden Age of Phillies baseball 2 is worth a tad of effort, and report. I mean Brett Tomko, for cryin’ out loud….

    Sure hope Madson didn’t sign, and I missed it.

  2. wbramh

    March 14, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    I was wondering about Madson’s disappearance, too.
    I Googled him last week and his status still comes up as unsigned.

    • Ken Bland

      March 14, 2014 at 6:30 pm

      I probably wouldn’t have posted that message had I probed as I eventually did. Leastwise, nit from an angle of his story seems to have fallen off the baseball news world.

      At least what I got out of it, as of mid February, the last time Madson was even mentioned, he was looking for a major league contract. Maybe he’s got legit reasons, despite such a long layoff, even though it’s easy to see a scenario where he’d just get a chance to work his way back.

      I wonder if he’s at all more compromising as OD draws closer. But that carries an assumption that he yearns to pitch again. I’m curious about the whole thing, but guesswork on the subject is not my style. However it works out, I hope he’s cool with it as he always struck me as a good guy. For now, least for me, I’m just living off the idea that he’s interested in a major league deal for his own reasons. I am, too, but at least the news that isn’t happening is way too obvious to even hope.

      I see Jimmy was 0-4 today in another loss reminiscent of the 650 games the Phils lost in recent times leaving thousands on base. But perhaps Jimmy hustled. That oughta fire ’em up in Fishtown.

  3. DavidE

    March 14, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Maybe my World Series plans were premature.

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