Roy Halladay’s best moments with the Phillies

mlb_g_halladay11_576.jpgIt’s been hard to believe one of the most dominant players of the last three decades – and one of the most humble – is no longer with us. Having already established himself as a top caliber pitcher before arriving in Philadelphia in 2010, Halladay quickly became one of Philadelphia’s own. His commitment to his craft and dedication to the game captured Phillies’ fans hearts. By the time he threw the perfect game just two months into his Phillies career, he was already cemented into Phillies’ lore – the rest was just gravy.

As we continue to mourn his tragic passing, let’s reminisce about some of Doc Halladay’s top moments in Phillies pinstripes (in no particular order):




  1. Ken Bland

    November 9, 2017 at 9:04 am

    My dad passed away 43 years ago, and was a pretty heady, cultured guy. Many times, I have passed thoughts on if he came back, what would shock him the most. He wasn’t into sports, but this morning, I’m thinking sportstalk radio might be up there. Ironically, one of the first sports talk shows that gained notoriety was Guy Mainella’s “Calling All Sports” on WBZ, Boston. Classy, knowledgeable, respectful. Some good, many bad folks have sat in the chairs of stations offering sports talk since that time around 1965, but this morning, Boston is suffering from association with a rant on Boston’s Hub largely expressed by Michael Felger.

    In short, Felger was critical of Doc for placing his values to include the dangers of flying with a family and full life ahead. Media outlets are highlighting some of his word choice making Felger look like an even greater jerk. Darned close to 100 per cent of the comments in reply to Felger are negative, and as blistering as his expression of anger toward Doc.

    In the end, overreaction to a gripping event is to be expected. Anger, or at least a degree of it is all too often a part of the process in coming to terms with losing a loved one. Nobody likes to be left, and especially permanently. And it’s normal to think and feel how losing someone affects YOU. Myself, even as early as immediate reaction to the news, I felt a bit of anger, or resentment toward Doc for taking the life out of one of my greatest idols. And among less important thoughts, I knew the time would come when the accident would be investigated, and even the mere consideration of drugs or alcohol would tarnish Doc’s image just by association as the sadness of his demise at least partially yielded to anger.

    Unfortunately, Felger, and his broadcast partner, Tony Mazzerotti were awfully early, extreme and pretty momentous in their
    comments. Things like calling Doc a moron, he got what he deserved might well have been part of the pattern of letting the rant build up. Timing was not too good either, as the grieving process hasn’t taken over from shock yet. Will there EVER be a RIGHT time for a rant like they presented? No. But in a more calm way, somewhere along the line, from each of these overwhelming incidents, 1 or 2 people learn that things like flying small planes, keeping a a gun in the home, having a pool in the backyard can be very dangerous. And when they result in accidents, anger is part of the cycle, at least at an appropriate time, and in a civil way. Not the way, nor the time that Felger and Maz did.

  2. schmenkman

    November 9, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Or, he chose to express himself in a way he knew would get him maximum attention. Success.

  3. Ken Bland

    November 9, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    It’s pacifying listening and reading the reactions and reflections about Doc by those that shared pinstripes with him. Listening to Chase, I feel like I’m listening to Ruth speak about Gehrig. I mean were we privileged, or what?

    Anyway, in due time, I look forward to hearing from Charlie, Jimmy, KK, Cliff and of course, Chooch. Vic will be good to hear from too, but for whatever reason, the other guys perk my interest more. Even though the stories and emotions are a little redundant in praise, it’s good to hear them. This is going to be one memory jarring funeral, I’m sure.

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