2011 Staff Standings Predictions

Will the Phillies win the Eastern Division? Who will give them a run for their money? Who is the best in the AL? Find out…

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NLE: Philadelphia Phillies 95-67
NLC: Chicago Cubs 88-74
NLW: Colorado Rockies 91-71
WC: Atlanta Braves 90-72

ALE: Boston Red Sox 100-62
ALC: Minnesota Twins 88-74
ALW: Texas Rangers 91-71
WC: Oakland Athletics 89-75

Phillies over Cubs
Rockies over Braves
Phillies over Rockies
Red Sox over A’s
Twins over Rangers
Red Sox over Twins

WS: Red Sox over Phillies


NLE: Philadelphia Phillies 95-67
NLC: Cincinnati Reds 94-68
NLW: Colorado Rockies 94-68
WC: Atlanta Braves 92-70

ALE: Boston Red Sox 98-64
ALC: Detroit Tigers 93-69
ALW: Texas Rangers 95-67
WC: Oakland Athletics 93-69

Phillies over Rockies
Braves over Reds
Phillies over Braves
Red Sox over A’s
Tigers over Rangers
Red Sox over Tigers

WS: Phillies over Red Sox


NLE: Phillies (95-67)
NLC: Reds (90-72)
NLW: Giants (88-74)
NLWC: Braves (92-70)
ALE: Red Sox (97-65)
ALC: White Sox (89-73)
ALW: Athletics (85-77)
ALWC:Yankees (91-71)
NLCS: Philles over Braves
ALCS: Red Sox over Yankees

WS: Red Sox over Phillies


NLE: Phillies 94-68
NLC: Brewers 89-73
NLW: Giants 91-71

ALE: Red Sox 104-58
ALC: Twins 91-71
ALW: Rangers 87-75

Phillies over Brewers in 5
Giants over Braves in 4

Phillies over Giants in 7
Sox over Rangers in 3
Yankees over Twins in 3
Sox over Yanks in 5

WS: Red Sox over Phils in 6


NLE: Phillies 93-69
NLC: Brewers 86-76
NLW: Dodgers 87-75
WC:Atlanta 89-73

ALE: Red Sox 97-65
ALC: Tigers 86-76
ALW: A’s 84-78
WC: Yankees 92-70

Boston over Oakland
Detroit over New York
Boston over Detroit

Philadelphia over Milwaukee
Atlanta over Los Angeles
Phillies over Atlanta

WS: Boston over Phillies in 7


NLE: Phillies: 95-67
NLC: Cubs: 88-74
NLW: Giants: 89-73
WC: Braves: 90-72

ALE: Red Sox: 96-66
ALC: White Sox: 89-73
ALW: Athletics: 88-74
WC: Yankees: 92-70

Phillies beat Cubs
Braves beat Giants
Phillies beat Braves

Red Sox beat Athletics
White Sox beat Yankees
Red Sox beat White Sox

WS: Red Sox beat Phillies


NLE: Phillies (94-68)
Brewers (88-74)
Dodgers (87-75)
Braves (89-73)

ALE: Red Sox (99-63)
Twins (92-70)
Rangers (90-72)
WC: Rays (91-71)

Phillies over Dodgers in 4
Brewers over Braves in 5
Phillies over Brewers in 5
Red Sox over Rangers in 3
Twins over Rays in 5
Twins over Red Sox in 7
WS: Phillies over Twins in 5

NLE: Phillies (91-71)
NLC: Reds (90-72)
NLW: Giants (88-74)
WC: Braves (90-72)

ALE: Red Sox (97-65)
ALC: White Sox (93-69)
ALW: Athletics (88-74)
WC: Yankees (91-71)

Phillies over Giants in 5
Braves over Reds in 4
Braves over Phillies in 6
Red Sox over Athletics in 3
White Sox over Yankees in 4
Red Sox over White Sox in 7
WS: Red Sox over Braves in 5

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