Locked On Phillies 6/21: 3 things the Phillies taught us this week

Gabe Kapler is in his second season as Phillies manager. (Russell Lansford/Icon Sportswire)

On the Friday June 21, edition of the Locked On Phillies, Phillies Nation Editorial Director Tim Kelly breaks down three lessons from this week in Phillies baseball.

Specifically, Kelly addresses issues pertaining to Bryce Harper, Gabe Kapler and Aaron Nola.

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  1. ‘The Phillies Got A Gem:’ Former Coaches Laud First-Round Pick Bryson Stott
  2. Steering Clear Of Charlie Morton Appears To Have Been A Major Mistake By Phillies
  3. Former Phillie Carlos Santana Is Having A Bounce-Back Season In 2019
  4. Hector Neris Has Used His Elite Pitch To Become The Rock Of The Phillies Bullpen
  5. Flashback: The Time Gabe Kapler Had To Be Pinch-Run For In The Middle Of A Home Run


  1. Chris Sandone

    June 21, 2019 at 9:50 am

    I truly hope that the Phillies , at the end of the season find a new manager and coaching staff, I am so tired of some of the media types coming to bat for Gabe, I am 57 years old and know the game, having coached myself, number 1 , I realize the injuries the Bullpen has had , bud nobody has a defined role ,except for maybe Hector Neris, Sir Anthony is a 8th inning setup man, that’s it why does he bring him in the 5th inning and expect him to go 2-3 innings, our philosophy on hitting is ridiculous, if I hear the Phrase get loft on the ball one more time I’ll lose my mind, our pitching and hitting coaches are terrible, Gabe’s approach to running the bases’s is a joke, we have the lowest stolen base percentage in MLB, with not a player with more than 3 stolen bases, we don’t sacrifice runners to scoring position, hit and run or bunt and obviously steal bases, and he seems adamant about it!!! When you are facing a guy like Max Scherzer, and you finely get a extra basehit in the 7th inning (Hernandez) you gotta try to get him to 3rd to get him in position for a fly ball or (god forbid) a squeeze bunt why are you Bringing in Cole Irvin in the 8th inning???? what is that??? I hear people say “well nobody else is playing small ball” I don’t care about anybody else , THIS is my team, and small ball is part of the game, I guess because you have to think about situations, whats the count? is the pitcher gonna throw a offside pitch, is the pitcher falling off to the 3rd base side ….etc, etc…..my conclusion is Gabe and his staff HAVE TO GO!!!!

  2. Chris Sandone

    June 21, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Oh!! don’t let me forget our HORRIBLE bench!!!! which I put squarely on Gabe’s shoulders……coming out of spring training the Manager set’s the bench, and he did a terrible job at that…..there were more than enough backup catchers available in the offseason that we could have had cheap…..yet we come north with Andrew Knapp….Gabe has the final word on these final roster spots …..I got into a arguments with one of the MORON radio host’s on WIP , he’s on in the afternoon, and it’s NOT Ike Reese…..hehe….I am not a hater!!! I love my Phillies they are my favorite of all Philly teams, and baseball is my favorite sport…..phew!!! after all that I have to say Let’s go Phillies! I will never root against my team simply to prove my point , I know too many of those types…but I am at the point where I cannot bear to listen to him after a loss, I have never heard a manger who loves to hear himself speak like Gabe does, he takes a situation, that you can describe in 10 words and turns it into a 60 word essay…..he like to pontificate….it is annoying!

  3. Phanatic

    June 21, 2019 at 10:48 am

    “I will never root against my team simply to prove my point , I know too many of those types”

    Chris Sandone, good morning, and I am as frustrated with this terrible team as you are including believing Gabe Kapler should be fired right now.

    I am also one of ‘those types’ that will root against the Phillies until Kapler is gone. There is nothing wrong with this. The Free French fought Vichy during WWII until the Occupiers (Nazis and Vichyites) were defeated and gone. Kapler and Klentak are Occupiers of the Phillies and need to be fought and defeated.

    During war, armies often destroy their own cities so that the enemy cannot use the city to its advantage. Setting fire to crops or ripping up railroads etc. This is the same thing. Set fire to this team (root against it) until the enemy (Klentak/Kapler) is vanquished.

    This is an unlikable team. Segura doesn’t hustle. Hoskins and Harper don’t hit yet they are in the lineup every day. Hernandez is mediocre. Franco belongs in the minors. Kapler is not a manager on any level – major or minor. Neshek tells Gabe when he’ll pitch. Arrieta is a bust. Nola just signed a big contract now he’s a bust. Herrera is a bust. Not a likable team and it has been such a pleasure to root against them.

    ‘my country – right or wrong’ is as vacuous as any philosophy I know.

    I will root AGAINST the Phillies (my team for 38 years) until Kapler and Klentak are FIRED.


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