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Online Games For Your Significant Other

Millions of people are passionate about sports. They follow the progress of their favourite teams and players. They often take the time to play themselves on a court with friends. There are even times when they play online games designed around it, spending hours in front of the screen. Some are lucky enough to have an understanding wife or girlfriend who can cheer them on or even play with them. However, a lot of times our significant others don’t really share this passion for sports. Perhaps they prefer different online games as well. The following casual games might be able to catch their interest:

Card and Board Games

Nearly everyone grew up learning how to play a few board games like chess, checkers, snaonline bingokes & ladders, Scrabble, and the like. Card games are popular as well such as poker, blackjack and bingo. All of these now have their own digital equivalents. Couples can play with or against each other for fun. Online bingo is particularly easy to get into because there are no lengthy rules to study or strategies to think about. Just get the tickets and wait as the numbers are announced. The suspense builds up as the numbers are called and the cards are filled up. For example, 888ladies bingo games were designed for women. They may just be what your partner has been looking for.

Hidden Object Games

Those who like a bit of mystery will love these. There is usually a background story that ties everything up and makes the game more engaging. Players often take on the role of an investigator who is trying to solve a crime that has boggled others. There will be pieces of evidence scattered across the screen but they aren’t always easy to find. Most are ingeniously hidden away behind other objects with only part of them being visible. The goal is to collect all of the evidence and piece together what actually happened at the crime scene as quickly as possible.

Puzzle Games

These can challenge the mind in different ways. They can be as straightforward as crossword puzzles and Sudoku. They could also be incredibly complicated with an adventure component attached to it. For instance, players might take on a character in the game that has to go from one place to another with doors blocking the path. Certain puzzles will have to be solved before these doors can open allowing players to proceed to the next level. The Room is an excellent example for mobile gaming. It features impressive 3D graphics, an air of mystery, a complex series of tasks, and multiple possible endings.

Strategy Games

This is another great genre for your partner to try. These require a high degree of focus and coordination. A lot of things will be going on and players will have to coordinate everything to ensure continued success. Diner Dash is a popular example. The player will be in-charge of a diner serving customers their favourite food and drinks. The kitchen needs to run smoothly and all the orders have to be fulfilled quickly. Time management is necessary to keep the customers satisfied and the profits rolling. Earnings can be used to upgrade the diner.

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