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Sports. The thing that unites and divides millions of people around the globe. Sports betting is another dimension to the game that adds excitement, trepidation and a little edge to the games we love to watch.

When it comes to sports betting, there are many aspects that play a role in either winning or losing. Sometimes it’s not who scores that counts, but when, or by how many points or goals that makes all the difference.

Sports betting is almost a game within a game. There are the usual suspects to place your bets on, such as the champion teams with the wealthiest owners to consider, but sometimes the unexpected happens; the underdogs win. If you find yourself on the right side of the bet, the payout can be tremendous. While it’s not a frequent occurrence that the underdog takes the prize, there have been some incredible games that have shocked viewers – and bettors- alike.

But who should I pick?

Whilst there are various online sources like , we have taken the time to give you details of three underdog stories that surely deepened the pockets of a few brave punters.

In the 2014/2015 English Premier League campaign, Leicester City were fighting for survival, as the bottom placed team. A new manager by the name of Claudio Ranieri was summoned to pull this team out of the dumps and remain in the league. He was able to revitalize the team in some short months, and saved them from relegation. The 2015/2016 campaign fast approached, and with a few additions, Ranieri set out for another season. The team’s odds of winning the league were dead last at 5000-1; the same odds as finding Elvis Presley alive! Ranieri literally became the miracle man as Leicester City won the premier league less than 20 months after they were on a knife’s edge to be relegated. A story that made a handful of people very rich, and cost the bookies a lot.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup would be one to forget for South Africa. Arguably the biggest rugby nation on the planet, South Africa’s world cup ended in tears, after the Land Of The Rising Sun (Japan) beat them in an absolutely thrilling encounter in the knockout stages. The match saw Japan’s winger score in the dying seconds to win 34-32. The result was so shocking, that the coach made a public apology to the entire country. Japan’s odds on winning the game; 80 -1.

Super fans spend their lives following their favorite teams and taking chances by placing bets on the outcome. A lot of the time, the rewards pay off, but in the unlikely event that an underdog takes the win, millions of fans are left feeling heartbroken as they part with money – and a little faith.

When it comes to baseball, all it takes is a flick of the wrist to change history forever. The Toronto Blue Jays are synonymous with the word underdog and have been the subject of a lot of sport betting in Canada.

The third crazy win took place during a baseball game across the globe, where our top story lies in the 2016 baseball World Series where the Chicago Cubs took the prize. The game of baseball is no stranger to surprise, this result blindsided fans. Fans who placed bets had their faith in their teams tested as the Chicago Cubs won in an unlikely result. When the Chicago Cubs last won, there were only 1.7 billion people on earth! This win saw a 107-game series drought, the Cubs had a remarkable season and came up as winners. The bets taken on this game would surely leave those who took a gamble with pockets full of pride.

You have to be in it, to win it!

In the exciting world of betting, it’s sometimes good to go with your gut and enjoy the ride… you never know what might happen!

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